Vernatherm by Vernet

Vernatherm by Vernet

Precision thermal management systems

Energy Efficiency

Regulating thermal properties 

At Vernatherm by Vernet, we understand the importance of energy efficiency in applications that require thermal management. Our thermostatic controls offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for maintaining optimal operating temperatures in industrial machines, aircraft systems, and defense systems. With our non-electric controls, we eliminate the need for electrical power sources, providing a sustainable and efficient solution. Our controls work off thermal expansion principles to automatically regulate and stabilize thermal properties, ensuring that fluids are maintained at their required temperatures.

Our Vernatherm controls can effectively regulate thermal spikes, shorten warm-up times, and maintain fluid temperatures in hot/cold environmental conditions, among countless other thermal related functions.

By incorporating Vernatherm by Vernet’s thermostatic controls into your equipment or system, you can increase energy efficiency, reduce costs, and prolong the life of your machinery.