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Thermostatic Valves

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A thermally activated valve (thermal valve) is a self contained thermal control device that internally contains a wax motor and valve components. These valves are used to control fluids by sensing thermal and or pressure levels.


Thermal Valve Options

  • Multi-Port Diverting
  • Thermostatic Mixing
  • Thermal Bypass
  • Custom Engineered Solutions
General Information

A thermally activated valve provides reliable, automated, and non electric solutions for control through thermal expansion. In real-time our thermal valves monitor temperature within applied systems and perform the tasks of port diverting, mixing, and or port modulation. Our thermal valves can also be paired with pressure regulating features if required. Some of our valves require a housing / manifold while others are self contained in a simple multi-port body. If the valve you need requires a manifold Vernatherm by Vernet will ensure maximum performance through machining a manifold specifically for your needs

Thermal Valve Performance

Like our thermal actuators, Our patented high performance expansion material and willingness to blend you any temperature you want sets separates us from our competitors. With our actuators inside your valve you are in complete control over what temperature range the your valves perform at and to what degree. Every valve we design is for the customer and to the customer’s specifications.


Please keep in mind that the products on this page reflect example valves that may not fit directly into your application and will require modifications; this is normal and is to be expected. We can accommodate any fastening method you need from standard threads (metric or imperial), to custom designs. Our 5 axis CNC machining ability enables us to machine exactly what you need without compromise.


Quotes & Engineering Assistance

If you are unsure of what you need simply let our team of engineers work with you to solve your problems. Prior to any commitment we can provide samples for you to evaluate and qualify, giving you the confidence needed to move forward with your project. Simply start the conversation by asking us some basic questions regarding your needs.

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