Vernatherm by Vernet

Vernatherm by Vernet

Precision thermal management systems

Thermal Actuators - Wax Motors

Thermal Actuators - Wax Motors

A wax motor (thermal actuator) is a linear actuator that converts thermal energy into mechanical by exploiting the phase-change behavior of paraffin based waxes.


Actuator Function Range

  • Temperature
    • 30°F to 300°F
    • -1.11°C to 148°C
  • Working Stroke
    • 0.005″ to 0.500″
    • 0.127mm to 12.7mm
  • Pushing Force
    • 15lbs – 70lbs
    • 66.72N to 311.38N
General Information

Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, our thermal actuators all function through thermal expansion. Our thermal actuators can be utilized in limitless applications from miniature to heavy duty. Our fast acting self-actuating actuators provide precise pushing forces and accurate travel distances. 

Patented Technology

Our patented high performance expansion material and willingness to blend you any temperature you want sets us apart from our competitors’ inflexible policies and limited thermal abilities. With our actuators you are in complete control over what temperature range they perform at and to what degree. Every actuator we design is for the customer and to the customer’s specifications 


The graphed performance curve below demonstrates what you would see on a typical thermal actuator performance curve. The variables on the performance curve are: Temperature Range, Extension Stroke, & Return Stroke.

Classification & Anatomy

Every actuator designed and manufactured by Vernatherm by Vernet is specific to a customer; to simplify the selection process we have divided our actuator’s abilities into 4 classifications ranging from light to heavy duty. What distinguishes actuators apart from each other is their physical size, piston extension, and force range.


Each actuator is constructed internally the same way, and functions through thermal expansion; use the diagram below to better understand how these devices function. Based on your design criteria and application these internal parts can vary in material to ensure compatibility.